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The Challenge

  • Give each of Lyfts 100+ Markets the ability to request and staff their local events via a central booking tool.

  • Shift from an internal 1099 model to a 3rd party W2 staffing model while still giving Local Markets full authority to independant staff their corporate events.

  • To  provide local markets with  access to new event staffing options via our internal promotional model agency marketplace.

  • To develop a system where each market can load a PO and bill against.

Solutions & Highlights

  • eThink Solutions built a full autonomy cloud based middleware tool capable of handling the thousands of individual event staffing events from 100+ Lyft Local Markets. The tool connects local markets to local resources, tracks and approves work hours, and handles all payroll.

  • We developed a system and re-engineered process where Lyft could transition all current field marketing resources  to W2 status in real time.

  • We Transitioned all Lyft local event marketing staff and brand ambassadors from 1099 to W2 status, governed by an autonomous on-boarding, staffing and pay system. 


The ePQS - Contracting Pre-qualification System. Energex Procurement typically relied on paper Tender Processing process, Paper contract Creation, Paper Evaluation and Paper Approval process to run Civil Construction Tender processes. The typical time required to complete a full tender process would take up to 6 months although with the implentation of a bespoke Contractor Tendering and evaluation Management Tool (ePQS) the end to process was able to be cut from months to days.   

LYFT - Head of Field Marketing - Tony Paske

"Promo Console (an eThink Solutions Product)  has been a valued partner to Lyft ($25B ride share US Tech Company) in developing a contingent labour hire platform developed by Promo Console which has enabled Lyft to more easily and effectively book, manage and pay our field teams across all of our regions. We appreciate and value the ongoing partnership we have with Promo Console"

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ePQS - Project Video Testimonials

ePQS - Project Video Testimonials

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ENERGEX - Head of Civil Design - Mark Timmoney

"The development of the Implementation of ePQS the automated tendering tool has entirely changed the way we do business by reducing tendering time lines, contract creation and tender evaluation from months of effort down to days"


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