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We Love Building Tech...

We believe there is no problem within an organisation too big or too small that can't be fixed by fine-tuning its PeopleProcess or Technology.

By working closely with our clients and deeply understanding their business operation and vision our award winning team are able to Think Big and work towards the grand plan whilst developing nimble and robust cutting edge technology solutions along the way to 

give these businesses the edge to thrive.



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Labour Hire

Contigient Labour Management Platform

Our team built a fully autonomy cloud-based middleware tool capable of handling the thousands of individual event staffing requests from the more than 100 Lyft Local Markets.
The tool connects local markets to local resources, tracks and approve work hours,
and handles all payroll. We  are proud to have developed tech for a $25B US Tech ride sharing giant right out of our Brisbane office.


Procurement Automation

Electronic Prequalification Tendering Platorm

The national award winning tech solution included development of eTendering, Contract Management, Complex Document creation and  workflow approvals which reduced the businesses cycle times from months down to days.

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 DATA modelling and Spend Insights Platform

The development of a robust Business Intelligence framework and a live solution to provide deep insights into the complex buying behaviour across all Catholic hospital across Australia where each hospital were able to interact with the solution and derive insights as and when required.


Customer Service 

Custom Call Centre Management Application

We developed a Call Centre Management Solution for a chain of 12 Hawaiian Dentists. The solution interacts with the dentists data and reveal lists of prospect customers for lead generation or up-selling opportunities. Capturing who was called when and what was the result of the call with deep insights associated to the results of the solution.



Deign your own Jewellery Online Platform

A Custom Coded eCommerce Solution for customers to interact and design their own jewellery online. The Solution also comprises of an end to end Jewellery ERP providing for Quoting, Manufacturing, Designing, Sales and Customer Service Modules.


Engineering Consulting

Bespoke Project Management Solutions

Complex Project Management Solutions which are purpose built for Engineering Consulting firms. The web based tools are custom built for engineer consulting type projects where due to their complexity standard off the shelf project management solutions don't suffice.

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Sports & Entetainment

Corporate Box Ticket Management 

An app that allows Corporate Box users to store and share their game tickets with invited users for specific matches throughout the season reducing entirely the complexity  of physical ticket sharing to different attendees throughout the season.



Custom Order Management Platform

A web based platform that a streamlines the entire stocktake, ordering, receiving and invoice reconciliation process of fruit buying.

Screen Shot 2019-05-19 at 11.07.05


Mine Production Reporting Aplication

We developed a production reporting software application where the miners input their production activity daily and management can then make use of the data to login and be presented with deep insights into where the delays are typically coming from as to why coal is not being cut. This type of information is highly valuable to a mine a mine as they know what to fix to keep production flowing.

Attack Marketing.png

Experiential Marketing

Demo Scheduling and Insights Caturing 

A web based solution where data is collected by Brand Ambassadors as they interact with customers within a product demo environment where mobile apps are used to collect the data and information gathered is fed back the marketing brand where  meaningful insights are derived by the brand through custom built software and  dashboards


Business Intelligence

TIM - The Info Machine

We developed our very own SaaS TIM  product which allows eThink to easily offer complex data analysis to Clients without the client having to have  BI infrastructure or Data Scientists. TIM is offered  as a BI managed Service solution. where the solution allows companies to simply give TIM access to their data put their credit card down and track their dashboards ongoing with no in-house skills or BI infrastructure  required.



LYFT - Head of Field Marketing - Tony Paske

"Promo Console (an eThink Solutions Product)  has been a valued partner to Lyft ($25B ride share US Tech Company) in developing a contingent labour hire platform developed by Promo Console which has enabled Lyft to more easily and effectively book, manage and pay our field teams across all of our regions. We appreciate and value the ongoing partnership we have with Promo Console."

ENERGEX - Head of Civil Design - Mark Timmoney

"The development and Implementation of ePQS (the automated tendering tool) has entirely changed the way we do business by reducing tendering time lines, contract creation and tender evaluation from months of effort down to days."

Catholic Negotiation Alliance - Manager - Steve Collis

"eThink were motivated to deliver the best possible solution within the available time and
budget. Although very challenging and complex, eThink were able to identify and work through issues in a logical manner. They added a balance to the team based on experience and knowledge of the BI and IT environment by looking at things differently, anticipating issues providing ideas that often influenced the strategic direction of the project. eThink were easy to work with and I appreciated their integrity and enthusiasm. I would highly recommend Nick from eThink as a very competent resource with an excellent work ethic."


Suite 4 1404 Logan Rd

Mount Gravatt 4122

Brisbane QLD


phone: 07 3493 1399



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